For me, body love means embracing and accepting my body as it is, without judgment or criticism. It means treating my body with respect, kindness, and gratitude for all it does for me. I strive to show myself love by practicing self-care, such as repeating positive mantras, nourishing my body with healthy food without depriving myself of pleasure, doing the exercises I enjoy, not to lose weight or achieve a certain look, but simply to feel good, and taking the time to relax with a stroll down by the waterfront or curl up with a good book. Body love is about prioritizing my physical and mental well-being, and finding peace by rejecting social standards that promote unrealistic ideals and profit off our insecurities.

True body love is unconditional. It’s a practice, a journey, and it’s not always easy. The road to self-love can be difficult, but with one step at a time, it’s definitely worth the trip.
What does body love mean to you? How do you show yourself love? Drop me a line to include in my new Sunday Self-care posts on Instagram. Let’s create a body-positive, women supporting women, safe space. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Sexy is not a Size!

Beauty is not a Size!

Fitness is not a Size!

Healthy is not a Size!

Love is not a Size!


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