• Fat Girl

    When the past and present collide…
    He wasn’t famous then. He was the boy next door; my foster brother’s best friend. A popular jock and out of my league. But he said he loved me. He said he’d keep my heart safe. He lied.   Now fifteen years later, I’ve picked up the fragments of my shattered heart. I’ve built a new life as a child advocacy lawyer. My food issues are quasi under control, my secrets are buried, and I’ve even made a tenuous peace with my plus-size body.   So why, why did Micah Peters—the sexy and mega famous man I fled—have to walk through my office door with a demand that will reunite me with the past and everything I left behind?   Buckle up…this second chance romance will take you on an emotional ride of explosive passion, heartbreaking revelations, and the fight for true love.   A Naked Beauty, available now, is the sizzling conclusion to Fat Girl.
  • When the past threatens the future… Mick is my fiercest protector. He will stop at nothing to slay my insecurities and safeguard me from his fame and the sharp edges of his past. But he refuses to face his own demons. Instead, he shields me from the ugliness when all I see is the beauty in him. Proving I will walk through his darkness tests me in ways I never imagined. It exposes our relationship and my hard-won progress to overzealous paparazzi, the scrutiny of social media, and worse—vindictive enemies that lurk in the shadows. Now we must face our greatest battle. To fight like hell for each other or let those who want to come between us tear us apart. This time…for good. A Naked Beauty is the riveting conclusion to Fat Girl but can also be read as a stand-alone.


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