• Fat Girl

    When the past and present collide…
    I know even before he turns. Even before our eyes meet. My breath stutters. “Hello Deeana.” His voice, deeper with age, packs an unfair sexual punch. Just like the rest of him.
    Deeana Chase has finally picked up the pieces of her shattered heart. She has built a new life as a child advocacy lawyer. Her food issues are quasi under control, her secrets are buried, and she has even made a tenuous peace with her not-so-perfect body. Until Micah Peters—the very sexy and now famous man she fled—walks through her office door and sends Dee reeling. His demand that she help a young boy caught in a custody battle will reunite her with the very past she left behind. Dee is the last woman Mick wants to ask for help. Fifteen years ago, she ran away without any explanation, tearing herself out of his life and leaving a gaping hole. But for the sake of his family, he can put aside his anger and resentment. He can play it cool and keep his distance. If only… When Dee takes the case, the former lovers get more than they bargained for—a searing passion that burns hotter than ever, and startling revelations about what really happened the fateful night she left. In this emotionally-charged story about regrets and forgiveness, will the truth clear the path for a long-awaited second chance? Or will past hurts and insecurities destine Dee to walk away from her one true love…and break both of their hearts again?
  • Rekindling their love was only the start...
    …somewhere in the midst of torrid heat and sweaty pleasure, I marvel at how right I’d been in allowing Mick past my defenses. In trusting that he was the one I could lose my inhibitions with. The one I could bare myself to.
    Dee knew from the moment they met, Mick would be her tidal wave. His passion is breathtaking. His desire, exhilarating. The risk, terrifying. But Dee isn’t the same insecure girl that left him years ago. She’s stronger, more determined. She’s ready to move past the pain of her childhood and her struggles with body issues to let Mick deep inside her heart. That means stripping away those lingering layers to uncover all the beauty he so clearly sees. Mick has only ever loved one woman. Dee is the light to his darkness, the balm to his old wounds. He once made a promise to protect her, and failed. Haunted by guilt, he vows not to make that mistake again. But his celebrity as a former sports star will test the very essence of that promise. It will open their relationship and Dee’s hard-won progress to overzealous paparazzi, the scrutiny of social media, and worse—hidden truths that threaten their future. In this passionate story of self-discovery and second chances, Dee and Mick face their greatest battle. Will they fully bare it all to set themselves free? Or will they let vengeful enemies and the sharp claws of the past rip them apart…this time for good?


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