When the past and present collide…

He wasn’t famous then. He was the boy next door; my foster brother’s best friend. A popular jock and out of my league. But he said he loved me. He said he’d keep my heart safe. He lied. Now fifteen years later, I’ve picked up the fragments of my shattered heart. I’ve built a new life as a child advocacy lawyer. My food issues are quasi under control, my secrets are buried, and I’ve even made a tenuous peace with my plus-size body. So why, why did Micah Peters—the sexy and mega famous man I fled—have to walk through my office door with a demand that will reunite me with the past and everything I left behind? Buckle up…this second chance romance will take you on an emotional ride of explosive passion, heartbreaking revelations, and the fight for true love. A Naked Beauty, available now, is the sizzling conclusion to Fat Girl.

An emotional story of love, self-acceptance and learning to make peace with the past.
I was immediately drawn into FAT GIRL by Leigh Carron’s powerful story, emotional storytelling and her truly relatable characters. She expertly navigates between scenes that run the gamut of human emotions: fiery arguments, gutwrenching heartbreaks and screen-melting love scenes.

Reese Ryan, award-winning author of the Bourbon Brothers series

Leigh Carron has produced an engaging novel that is anchored in the passionate connection between two complex and authentic characters. Carron is clearly a girl’s girl with a deep respect for and understanding of what truly makes women tick. Readers will most certainly connect with her leading lady’s struggles around body image and intimacy, and be inspired by the underlying theme of self-acceptance.

Tracy Yan

One HOT, Emotional, And All-Around EXCELLENT Contemporary Romance!

The topic of body image and self-acceptance appear to be very important to Leigh Carron, and she encourages women to accept themselves as they are, which is very refreshing. Dee and Mick are opposites in many ways, especially in the physical sense. He was named the Sexiest Man Alive by a magazine, and she…well, not so much. Yet, in spite of this glaring difference between them and the many obstacles constantly in their way, the love that Dee and Mick have for each other never dies. It’s a truly touching story to read. The love expressed between Dee and Mick is SO endearing and so believable. I was sincerely rooting for them to end up together and happy. The story changes from his point of view to hers and back again, and the writing throughout evoked such emotions that I almost felt as if these were my good friends telling me their story! I was almost brought to tears, but not always in a sad way. I felt SO much throughout this book, and I could not put it down!

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