Delivers passion, suspense, and truth.

I can’t imagine a more perfect literary treat.

From its absorbing first pages, Leigh Carron’s steamy novel delivers passion, suspense, and truth. We’re introduced to Mick and Dee, former lovers that you immediately recognize and bind yourself to. They are honest and hurt. Flawed but fiery. They are perfectly imperfect.

I can’t imagine a more perfect literary treat. You have to get this must-read!!!

Wynne Channing, Best Selling author

An emotional story of love, self-acceptance and learning to make peace with the past.

I was immediately drawn into FAT GIRL by Leigh Carron’s powerful story, emotional storytelling and her truly relatable characters. She expertly navigates between scenes that run the gamut of human emotions: fiery arguments, gutwrenching heartbreaks and screen-melting love scenes.

Reese Ryan, author of Waking Up Married

Leigh writes a captivating story that deals with important self-issues.

Amazingly told and just all around good message. It truly is a one of a kind book. Highly recommended and I CANNOT WAIT FOR PART TWO!!!

Hoku’s Reviews

Highly recommend this book.

The story is captivating from page 1, the author draws you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting to find out what happens next. The story is a real page turner that you don’t want to put down.

Romance in Color


This story wrecked my emotions, they were just all over the place. It seemed from an early age that these two were surrounded by heartache. Watching them as teenagers become each other’s lifeline was beautiful, watching it fall apart was painful. To love each other with such fierceness, only to let years of self-doubt, abuse, and low self-esteem come in and wreck it all was sad. Years later, reunited, they both try to hold on to the anger and feelings of betrayal. Watching the truth unfold and seeing the love that’s there and hotter than ever come back to life, makes the hard parts feel tiny.

Michelle Hallahan

one HOT, emotional, and all-around EXCELLENT contemporary romance!

The topic of body image and self-acceptance appear to be very important to Leigh Carron, and she encourages women to accept themselves as they are, which is very refreshing.

Dee and Mick are opposites in many ways, especially in the physical sense. He was named the Sexiest Man Alive by a magazine, and she…well, not so much. Yet, in spite of this glaring difference between them and the many obstacles constantly in their way, the love that Dee and Mick have for each other never dies. It’s a truly touching story to read. The love expressed between Dee and Mick is SO endearing and so believable. I was sincerely rooting for them to end up together and happy.

The story changes from his point of view to hers and back again, and the writing throughout evoked such emotions that I almost felt as if these were my good friends telling me their story! I was almost brought to tears, but not always in a sad way. I felt SO much throughout this book, and I could not put it down!

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