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Hi, I'm Leigh!

As a recovering yo-yo dieter who has struggled with body image for most of my life, I am inspired by the theme of embracing your body regardless of its shape and size and discovering your own intrinsic worth. It’s important to me to bring my readers stories that are real, relatable, and entertaining—where perfectly imperfect characters tug at your heartstrings, turn you on, and have you rooting for big O’s and a swoony happily-ever-after. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I’m now a proud adopted Canuck, who has lived in Toronto, Ontario, and now Calgary, Alberta, with my husband, daughter, and our Havanese. The winters here are frigid, but the sun shines 335 days of the year. Tanning in a parka—it happens! You can often find me up late writing, devouring a box of dark chocolate, sharing laughs with family and friends, or taking a walk by the waterfront, soaking up that Calgary sunshine. I love hearing from readers and I always respond.
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