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The Perfectly Imperfect series starts with Fat Girl and A Naked Beauty. Both feature reunited lovers Dee and Micah in their intense pursuit of a second chance. The rest of the series will connect you with familiar characters and a different overarching plot. What remains at the heart of each story are the themes of steamy romance, emotional twists, and the path to self-love.

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I created the pen name, Leigh Carron, out of my first and middle names: Lesley Karen. My dad named me after the French actress, Leslie Caron. So, it’s all come full circle.

Now, for the more serious stuff, I write sexy stories that are intense, provocative, and deeply sensual. The characters are complex and perfectly imperfect—that’s what makes them interesting to write, and hopefully to read.
Turning on the faucet and running my wrists under cool water helps me through writing blocks. It must be something about the sound or feel of water that gets those creative juices flowing.

Leigh Carron

Author Leigh Carron

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My Curvy Rival: a spicy novella

Our Satisfied Readers

Naked Beauty was fantastic! I loved the plot, the friend and family dynamics, and the main characters—strong female lead and devoted alpha male. It was steamy and detailed, and showed the beauty of unconditional love. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed A Naked Beauty, and the way the storylines unfolded, tying it together from Fat Girl. I could not put it down. I’m so excited for the next book from Leigh Carron.

Angela Leafi Readers

Leigh Carron hits it out of the park again with the conclusion to Fat Girl. This book is full of emotional angst and steamy love scenes. Dee and Mick are characters you fall in love with. From their shattered past in Fat Girl to the hope for a second chance in A Naked Beauty, Leigh Carron takes you on a passionate journey of healing old wounds, the heart of true love, and the power of self-acceptance. This absorbing read was well worth the wait.

Carolyn Knight Readers

Delivers Passion, Suspense, And Truth.

A Naked Beauty is the very enticing continuation of their renewed relationship.
Leigh Carron has a gift for writing vivid characters, and deftly captures that mix of love and passion. She portrays their past hurts and their battle for a second chance, with compassion and understanding that bring Dee and Mick to life. Every woman, regardless of their size, can relate in some way to Dee’s body issues. Leigh Carron shows her journey in an inspiring and believable way. Every woman should read this book. And by the way, the sex scenes are really hot!
Helen Martha

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