Self-Love Club

The Self-Love Club is a safe and inspiring place for women to share their aspirations and positive intentions to love themselves wholly. Please send me your inspirational quotes or personal stories. If you would like to be part of the Self-Love Club, please sign-up for future information and events.

Love yourself, Leigh

Love yourself 

“Dee is a reflection of my inner struggles, and she reminds me that my biggest advocate should always be me.”

Samantha Hoffman

Love yourself as you are 

“Every woman, regardless of their size, can relate in some way to Dee’s body issues. Leigh Carron shows her journey in an inspiring and believable way.”

Helen Martha

Self love = True love 

“Beneath your perceived flaws are the true gems that make you beautiful, desirable and worthy.” 

Leigh Carron

Every Body is Beautiful 

“I want to bounce out of bed naked. I want to look at myself in a full-length mirror and feel good about my body. I want to see what Mick does.”

Dee, A Naked Beauty

Behold Your Beauty

“I love meeting readers and hearing from them. I was especially touched by one story—a beautiful woman I met at a book club event. She shared the story of being told as young girl that her knees were fat and ugly. She carried this negative belief into adulthood, afraid to bare her knees. Like my character, Dee, and so many other women, we hold onto these negative tapes. They loop in our minds, distorting reality. But through our discussion and the amazing support from the other women, a few weeks later, she sent me a message saying she wore her first short skirt. If I ever needed a reason for writing about body positivity and self-love that was it!”

Leigh Carron